Wednesday, September 9, 2009

free relaxing day!

How good is to have a day off:D i LOVE it <333
I havent done anything..anything special at least.
Well, i woke up watched En Nombre Del Amor. Then i went to my mom's kindergarten coz she had there two books i need to read for my college. Then i went to the library to get more 4 books. I came home and started reading one of the books i got. It's rly interesting. Thank god :)

OKAY! Seriously, enough of college. I must have ANYTHING to talk besides college life. haha

I'm watching one estonian tv show called Kodu Keset Linna(Home in the city). About 5 years ago it was my totallly FAV tv show. I couldnt live without it. I stopped watching it coz my fav actress left the show. And guess wt? SHE's back now :D
But i doubt im gonna be that obsessed with this show anymore.
Actually, Wives Swap will start soon. It's estonian version. Very interesting, but not as crazy as american version.

PS!Did you know my mom makes the BEST pizza ever!!!Honestly!=]

Okiedokie. Wives Swap starts now:P

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