Tuesday, September 8, 2009

whoopsie daisy :)

Finally it's Tuesday evening! It means that i have two up coming days off from college:) yay!
I have quite getting used to the idea that i really GO to college. I'm a college student. haha.
Today we had a 3 hours long lecture about sociology. It was painful. Literally. My right shoulder needs a massage. Anyone?? Lol.

Well, today morning i almost missed the train coz i was reading Miley's blog. Gosh!Her blogs blow me away. Maybe it's her life that blows me away. SO much happens. Not always good, though. It's understandable. She's what, a 16(almost 17) year old super busy girl, without privacy everybody needs?! But she's still a strong girl who climbs and gets done the things most of us ONLY dream.
But more than anything, she's a veryy sweet girl with a big heart!

To be honest, im extremely tired. Although yesterday my day was wayyy longer. I basically woke up 7 am, went to college, arrived back home 8:30 pm, ate and went to bed. That was my yesterday. Today was a bit better. It gave me a hope that some days can be more shiny too.. I woke up 7:30 am(yay i got to sleep 30 min longer that yesterday), went to college(i was late in English. damn. LONGGG story.), arrived home 5:30 pm(3 hrs earlier than yesterday). AND thankfully i got to watch Home&Away!!i love that Aussie show :D
And i i wrote a megaa longg msg to my besty Elisa. I miss that girl. Why is the distance between Estonia and Mexico so big, huh?! It's so unfair. But we gotta make best of it.. we have Internet.Oh, how lucky we are. hahaha:D

Well, this blog is AGAIN totally random.But i can't help it. These are the thoughts that want to come out..my fingers type without my permission, seriously!!=D
Ok, this cheap talk gotta stop.
PS!That reminds me that i need to listen to MC's new EP coz i havent had time to do that today yet.And gosh i need to listen to it everyy day!!!:D

Good night =]

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