Thursday, April 29, 2010

To C & R!

You look down to me
because you're an angel I believe
I feel you in my heart and sole
you help to heal the hole
and erase the scar
'cause you're not so far.

All these years
I've shared tears
'cause I'll always remember
no matter what's the date in calendar.
Even though time flies so fast,
You and I will always last.
Memories won't fade away
'cause i look back to yesterday
and i still see your smile
although it's been for a while.

At night in my dream
you appear as a gleam,
a gleam of hope and light
tellin' me it's alright.
I miss you so much
what we shared was nonesuch.

I want you to always know
wherever I'll go
You are part of me
and will forever be...

With Love,


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