Friday, October 2, 2009


Ugh! I have been so sick last couple of days. It really sucks :S But right now im feeling a bit better. Im in college right now. I've had a crazy day today:P First i had a test in english. It was so hard!I really messed up with it ;S:(
Well, then i had 5 hrs till my next class. So, i decided to go to shopping. Lol. It's so cold outside so i needed new clothes(boots, coat ect.).. And i got everything i needed =](and spent soo much:S).
Then i went to foodshop and came back to college. I ate here and watched GG from Thank God i took my laptop with me. AT least im not bored. It's 3:30pm right class starts 5pm.:P

It's so good to be back in the net. As i said i have been feeling kinda bad so i havent been herde much.
Im so happppy tomorrow is saturday. No college. Dont get me wrong- i like college but i still feel sick so its not rly confy to study when u have a runny nose. It''s killing me:|

But im not the only one who's sick right now. Miley is wayyyyyyy sicker.And i feel so sorry for her. She even had to cancel couple of next shows. She told she's never been sicker than she's right now.Aww, poor sweetie :(

OMG! Im coughing like crazyy. I think everybody think im crazyy! Lol. But i cant hold it in. My throat kills me :S

I better stop now. Im talking with my friends on msn now and then im going to keep watching Gossip Girl :)


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