Sunday, October 11, 2009

what inspires me?!...

I have to make an inspiration card for a creativity class. We have to take a A4 paper and put there (cut&paste, write, draw..ect) whatever inspires us. When we first got this assignment i was so excited. I couldnt wait to go home and start making it. Well, yesterday finially i had time and i thought to make it. And guess what? It was WAY harder that i thought. So, yesterday i only managed to pick out a pic of Miley that im gonna use. (btw, this took me abt 2 hrs.. i couldnt find the prefect pic to use.Lol). Anywho, today i decided to be more progressive, i TRIED to find a quote that was in Miles To Go.. I ended up reading this book, but not finding the quote i was looking for.Lol! Then i made a real progress..i printed out a poem that Clara once wrote me(its called Smile Sandy).. This poem definitely inspires me coz whenever im sad i read it and i feel way better:) She had a faith on me and i must be positive to go on..
I also printed out Miley's song lyrics "Right Here". It's me and Elisa's friendship song. Whenever im down or i miss her i listen to it. I know she's always here for me. And i feel lucky having her in my life :)
That's all i have managed to get yet. But i STILL have a lot to do. It's so hard to make an inspiration card. I know what inspires me but how can i put a song or a video or a person on a paper? I have used one poem, one song lyrics, a photo.. what else..
OMG! I just got an amazingggg idea!Yay! I was trying to think the whole day today how can i put my friend Sharon to my inspiration card.. i mean a piece of her.. and now i know. I'm gonna use this quote she once wrote me. Yesss!! :D
I probably will put a pic of my family too coz my fam is a biggest inspiration in my life. Without them i wouldnt be who i am. And also my pets. They mean sooooo much to me!!!!

Talking abt pictures. While i was looking for something that might inspire me i was looking old photo albums. Then i realized that my life has been soo colorful. I have moved 5 times. This house is the 6th place im living in. All these photos made me think about past. There're so many good old memories that i miss, but im also so happy for having all that i have right now.
I donno why but im so crazy abt old photos. They are like mirrors back to the past.. all these places, people and adventures. I love it. If someone thinks they know me they should think first if they have sitten with me abt 3 hours and looked my photo albums and heard all these stories. If they have then they really know me:) If not, then there's still time to do that!!!

Okay.My back is hurting. I better stop this venting. Lol. I better go and have some quality time with my family :)

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