Saturday, October 24, 2009

surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

Is it really THAT hard to keep a secret? Actually it's not a real secret.It's just a surprise. O'boy! Next week is going to be my dad's birthday, on friday. So, he will be in Finland at that time. Mom, me and my sis want to surprise him. Mom told him that she's going to Finland too and they will celebrate his birthday together there.But what dad doesnt know is that me and my sis are coming too! But my older sis, my granny and everybody else too have almost already ruined the surprise. But for some weird and LUCKY reason dad hasnt noticed. Thank god he always focuses on watching tv and doesnt even hear when u call his name like SOO loud! haha.
I hope we all can keep this lil secret few more days!

Anywho, today we celebrated dad's bday at home too..and also my older sister's leaving. She's going to Ireland on tuesday.

OMG!I have some great news. It's not all official and 100% sure yet, but if all goes as planned im going to meet Sharon upcoming summer:) yay! And the best part is that we are going to London!At least that's what we wanna! We have met in Belgium, then she came here in the summer, and last christmas i went to Holland. It would be fun to meet in a new place now. I've never been to London b4 so it would be super lux :) :D We DEFFO wanna meet! Gosh, i miss her! I cant WAIT!!!Right now we just gotta wait till we can buy the tickets from one site.They dont sell tickets for August's flights yet.. I hope soon they will. Fingers crossed!

Oh, yesterday i had an exam on creativity class.It was pretty hard. Wish me luck!I need it! We also showed our inspiration cards to each other and talked abt it. I really like my inspiration card! It really inspires me:) haha

LAST NIGHT i was talking to Elise for so long on the skype. I was on my bed with my laptop and geez it was soo funny!Whenever we chat its so damn funny! Finally at 3am i turned the laptop off and fell asleep.
I cant wait till she comes back home!!!:)
OH!I have an announcement to make. There's only 31 days left till New Moon opening! I cant waitttt :D I'm super excited!=]

Okay. I'm going to put some new pix to myspace now i guess.

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