Saturday, August 29, 2009

i feel like an american girl

Last 7 days were crazy awesome! My friend Jake from USA came to Estonia. Whoa!It was a BIG thing for him. American in Europe!:D Well, we stayed in the hotel in Old Town of Tallinn. We looked around the city, shopped, went to the museums, churches and national library. Of course we had dinners in the restaurants and so on. One day we also came to my home town. We had a nice time here too. Last night we had so much fun. We just joked around. I seriously couldnt stop laughing. He kinda reminded me a bit of Mr. Bean :D hahahaha!

Well, now im back at home and he's back in USA.
I went shopping yesterday&also today. Got some new clothes. University starts on up coming tuesday!I'm so excited!=] I really hope everything goes great!

I bought a present for my friend Elisa. And a bit time ago i was filming a video for her. I need to burn a CD for her with the pix i took in Tallinn & the video i filmed today. Then the package is ready to go to Mexico. I love sending packages to my besty!She really IS the BEST friend ever! I can talk about EVERYTHING with her. How i wish she lived here or i lived there. We need to have sleepovers and have a night long talks about guys, go shopping and so so much more! Well, all we can hope is that one day we will meet. And now only once, but a LOT of times :):D It's my biggest wish!=]

Oh, Jake got me super awesome book from the states. It's called 13 reasons why. I think i have mentioned this book b4 in another blog. Well,it was a huge surprise for me to get it. I have read abt 60 pages and i LOVE that book!!!!!!!

After this blog i will burn a vid for Elisa and then i wanna keep reading!:D

Uni-start count down: 3 days left!

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