Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poem for Demi!

Well, i know its not Demi's birthday yet.But i already wrote her a birthday poem. And i decided to post it here.
Her real birthday is on 20th August!She's turning 17! =]

It's not another day
that's just okay.
We celebrate a birth
that means us the whole Earth!
A very special girl
who's more than a pretty pear
today, 17 years ago
knew it was her time, so
she saw a shiny light
and the timing was right
She came to the world
to change what she had heard
needed a hand
to touch all those lands
She's always been strong
and everybody who gets along
says she's unique, one of a kind.
God sent her here, she's his sign
She's here to make a change
to take out the sun when it rains
She shares the gift we all love
peacedemilove is like a dove
she brings us peace and happiness
and her songs take away all the stress
I dont know if Demi knows
what's the power she owns
But for us it means everything
she gives us hope when she sings
Her voice is angel-like
and i know there's even more she can strike
Besides her voice and acting skills
there's a virtue that helps her move the hills
Demi has a big heart
that helps her to make an art
but she also is amazing friend
with who everybody wants to befriend
she opens her heart
and its like a new start
of something new
something very pure!
So lucky i feel today
that i can honestly say
without Demi i wouldnt be
who i am and what i see
You opened my eyes and made me believe
best music and friends never leave
Now you are 17 year old girl
in the ocean the most special pear!

Happy Birthday Demm!

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