Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainy Tuesday :P

Oh, it has been raining for so long already..don't even remember when it started.
Well, on Saturday it was sunny coz it was my sister's birthday party & of course she ordered a nice weather!Lol.
But ever since her birthday party has been raining. So, mom&i have been at home most of the time.On Sunday i read a book & mom read a book. And when she had finished with it she gave it to me. And so i read it too. It was so damn good!Funny&interesting. So, i read about 5 hours and then i finished. Later we watched World Championship in Athletics. It's fun to watch and cheer if our fav wins. We watched it yesterday too and are gonna watch today also!Fun, fun, fun!:D
As i said it's still raining. Yesterday we went to the library to get some new books&then went to granny's. Later mom&i just read&drank tea&watched World C in Athletics.
Oh, and a woman from the bank called me and asked if i wanna get a new Student card called Euro<26. She was like my mind-reader coz i just planned to go to get one. And WHAT A SURPRISE!!She told that it's also a credit card!YAY!Finally i can order stuff from usa online shops. Most of them accept credit cards like MasterCard or VISA or wtever. But i only have had VISA Electronics. Well, but now i will get the card that is accepted in USA & in many other countries too!:D

Ohh!!Yesterday one woman called me and asked me if she could ask some questions about banks and stuff.She asked like soooo many questions. It's some kind of research or sth..Anyway, what annoyed me the most was that she had a STRONG russian accent. And i hardly understood what she was saying. Try to imagine being on the phone 15 minutes talking with someone i hardly understand. My every third sentence was: Sorry, i didnt hear...or Sorry, i didnt understand..or Sorry, could you repeat. UHH!

Anyway, last couple of days i really needed on miracle. And i was almost loosing my faith. And if i woke up yesterday and understood my miracle still wasnt happened i was so hopeless. But like 5 min later the miracle happened!What a surprise.It made me super happy!And yesterday night i thought about it. And it was weird to think that like 15 hours back everything was so hopeless..
Well, and then i suddenly had a writing mood and i wrote a little poem about that day..

Today all my hopes seemed crashing down again
For how long had i prayed for the change..
I woke up and saw again
God hadn't heard my prayers, it's just another day

I stood up and looked to the rainy sky
It was clear with sun shining high
And i asked why
coz so much time had already passed by..

It took me by surprise
when 5 minutes later it was like "hello, goodbye"
My bad day got a new start
coz i knew God loved me with his whole heart
He made my wish come true
It was a change,my day, all new.

And now it's not another day
though it feels yet so far away
when i woke up my hopes high
and so soon i realized it was a lie
But God was with me
like i know he'll always be

That morning all my dreams seemed crashing down again
i was blue and hopeless until when
God showed me it could be sunny even though it rains
it was gone, all this pain
God had heard me and made it change...

* * *

And today morning i wrote a little song..its quite short..

I dont care how we met
coz you feel so far away, yet
Im addicted to you
But i need someone else, someone new..
You betrayed me like you didnt care
and still promised to be near.
I dont want nor do i need
you to be here,show up and leave.
WE are past
only memories last.
I dont know about love and hate
All i know is there's no reason to wait.
What's past is past
You gave me up too fast.
So suffer and cry
It really is the last goodbye!

* * *

So,that's it. I know i suck at writing..Especially in english. But sometimes i just have writing mood and so i write. It's my blog and i can post here everything..even my awful poems and stuff..haha Feels good though. Well, i have written some more songs and poems actually. Maybe i will post them soon too..when i have mood:P

I'm going to drink a cup of tea & i will read a book.

PS!It's still raining :P

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