Monday, December 21, 2009

movie day:) [3 days!]

Today was THE day! Elise and i went to movies. We watched New Moon. For me was the second time. There just 7 persons in the movies.. so we have lotsss of empty seats. It was cool! We had lots of fun. And OF COURSE b4 the movie we stopped by the CandyKing to buy sweets:D It was the best part! (nah, im joking. The movie was the best!) Well, we both enjoyed it a lot. I must confess that i liked it way moer than first time i watched it..
Anywho, after the movies we went to shopping centre.. and then to a cafe and then to another cafe.. :P Lol! We had pretty much time till the train. But it was still nice.
Now im back at home. Actually it's almost 9 pm already. Im a bit bored. After this blog post im going to read a book abt psychology i guess. I have exam in Jan.. don't remember the date. But well, i can't believe there's just 3 days till X-mas Eve! Yay! My sis comes back from Ireland on 23th already! How awesome!

By the way. changing the subject. Yesterday late night i watched this movie called Aurore. The whole movie is available in youtube. It's in french, but it has english subtitles. It's rly sad movie. But yet so realistic. It's based on true story. I can't believe anyone has to live like that.. so so sad..
Well, you probs don't understand what im talking about..unless you've seen the movie..
But here's a video abt this movie.. after watching it you understand a lot abt this movie..

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