Friday, July 2, 2010

*cough cough*

The other day i was talking to my sis and i wondered how some people could have got cold and have a runny nose in the summer when its hot. How's that possible?!
And like a curse next morning i woke up with sore throat! Of course i didn't mean it was something serious. I just drank hot tea and i hoped it'll go away. Next morning i woke up with no voice:/ That totally sucked! But after trying to talk and talk, it kinda came back..tho it hurt to talk very long.
But last night i was coughing and it was hard to breath and swallow. In the morning i had NO voice. It felt horrible.
So, i admit. It IS possible to get a cold when its hot hot summer. :|
If tomorrow's hot we'll go to Pärnu, to the beach. I hope my cold has gone by tomorrow. I gotta drink some more cups of hot tea and took some medicine=P

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