Monday, July 5, 2010


Today was the 1st day of my mom's children camp. It's a camp mixed with playing, creative games and artwork, and also environment studies(through games of course!). It was really fun. There are 17 children, aged between 3-6. So, you can imagine how much handling it was. But i really enjoyed it. Besides helping with everything, i was also a photographer;)
It was such a hot day. And since i had got cold, i felt such a crap. :/ So, when i came home i didnt feel like being outside anymore..Instead, i watched Gray's Anatomy with my sis. We watched the first episode of season 6. I know im still behind, but i wanna watch all the episodes and not miss one, so it takes a bit time to get one track. And im not in an hurry!=)
It's just so crazy how hot it is. I just had to say it. Im breathing, but seems like im not:| All i want is ice cold water. All the time! And so i drink and drink and drink..and still drink :/
Dont get me wrong, i LOVE sun! I aslo like snowy winter, but right now i totally enjoy summer! But too much sun is just a bit tiring. I know that if i wasnt sick, then i would enjoy today just like i've enjoyed every other the same hot day we have had here!=)
Anywho, yesterday i went out with Elise. It was so nice to see her for over such a long time. We had fun to walk around and catch up with everything!
After i came home, i texed Elisa and told i was online. So we talked on msn[video call!]. Gosh, i'd missed her beautiful face and sweet voice so much! I was super happy to talk to her last night. I think we talked over 3 hours. It was so fun. I was a bit crazy tho, she can tell. But it was becoz i was so happy to talk to my besty! it's not a crime. lol. I'll behave next time, i promise!=)
Oh, and another thing that made me happy yesterday was that Ruby finally made a twitter account! Now i can read what she's doing and just tweet her. We arent online at the same time so often, so thanks to twitter i can be more aware what she's been up to :)

Okiedokie. I'll just stop writing. Haha. Im gonna keep talking to my friend Joshua:P

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