Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A huge heat wave has come from Africa. That explains everything. It just keeps being so HOT here! Crazy! Today was 34 C degrees. Weather podcast told it'll be even hotter tomorrow. And oh, in Africa there's 13 C degrees?! What's going on in this world?
Okay okay, i know i shouldn't been complaining coz that's exactly what i wanted. Hot summer! And im very very thankful for that!:) But i'd love a little bit of rain now too. Grass and plans need water!
Yesterday i went whole day at the beach. Out family friends had a beach party:) Today i spent my day inside and outside. Mostly in becoz it was too hot. But when i was outside i was in the pool all of that time to cool myself down.
I started reading a book Minu Taani[My Denmark]. Gosh, i really love travel literature! Definitely my fav! Next book im gonna read is called Kas süda on ümmargune?[Is heart round shaped?]. I so love reading good and interesting books! I love traveling and i love reading about other countries and other cultures:)
Im quite tired right now. But i dont feel like going to bed yet. I'll try to watch Letters To Juliet online and then i'll take a shower and go to bed.
Tomorrow i'll go to Tallinn with my older sis. I need to buy some textile colors and also some prices for little kids. Im going to work on Saturday..actually play with kids. And i need to buy prices coz some games are more like competitions so i need prices for winners!:)
And after a little shopping i'll go to the beach with my sis :)

By the way, i was a bit productual today too. I arraged photos in my laptop and i made special folder for the photos that i want to develop in the photo store. Got 60 photos that i want to develop. Then i can put them to my photo album. And so i can cross one thing off my Summer List.

Oh i forgot to mention that at the beach party yesterday were few famous estonians too. For example, Karl Martin Sinijärv and Summer[Indrek Raag]. My sis and i were talking abt horror movies and Summer told that Dead Silence is the best. Even he was scared. So, now i really wanna watch it;)
I think i'll watch it with Elise on Thursday! It's gonne be one very fun night in the tent:)

Okay. Im gonna watch a movie now.

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