Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sunny evening!
Im feeling weird today. Lazy. I never like weekend when its a holiday. There's nothing on tv, and well it's just a bit boring.
I went to see one Israel band today.. music was kinda weird, but dancing was cool. And some guys were cute too. LOL
When i came home we had a BBQ. And now im here. Borning day, isnt it?
I wanna talk to somebody!
I miss to many people :(
But gotta stay positive!:)
Cant wait till MONDAY! Wanna see my girls so bad. I wanna have FUN!=)

Gonna put some pix here. And later i'll post a blog of the cake i made the other day! it was YUMMMIE!=D

My fav breakfast..muesli =)

Isn't my cat Muffin so cuteee?? Baby's sleeping!



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