Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Actually i wanted to write this blog yesterday. I was so inspired. I read a book "Minu London"[My London]. What a book! While reading it i just had to make some thought-breaks. I needed to think. And also write. I just wrote little notes to a notepaper while reading the book. I had so many ideas and so much that i wanted to read more about. So, you can imagine me: reading a book, pen and notepaper in my hand.. scribbling something downs and continuing reading. I LOVE books! Especially travel literature. I wish i could publish a book one day. And i know nothing happens without the action. Dreams come true if we fight for them!:)
Anywho, i realized i love taking photos. I've always been into photography, but always for fun. And the most i like to take photos of natural things, something that includes art. I'm not very good at art, but there's something inside of me that just makes me want to DO art. So, i draw, i write, i create things..and even though they might not be perfect or very excellent or amazing or just great, they are still piece of me. Making art makes me happy, that's the only thing that matters!:)
Sometimes i think there are too many things that interest me. I love literature, other cultures, writing, music, religions, traveling, journalism, fashion, dancing, healthy lifestyle, yoga, cooking, making art & enjoying art that's been made by others.. And somehow i wanna be in all of these. I wanna enjoy all these things. But im not sure one life time is enough for all of this?! But i've learnt to live in today! So, i live like there's no tomorrow and i truly wanna live life fullest! Have a joy of things i love:)

While reading Minu London i started thinking how i imagine my future home..or actually where. I can see myself in a big city, living in an apartment. But i know that even though the city life is busy, noisy, full of different people and more rich lifestyle, then my home inside will be very cozy, veryyy homey! I've always loves cooking, baking and i can see myself cooking in a beautiful kitchen. My hands full of colorful vegetables. Beautiful flowery dishes, red white cups with baby pink and blue dots on them. Lots of green salad. Homemade cookies. Cute curtains. I love these things. I love to go to the countryside to get fresh vegetables or go to the fair in the city to get vegetables and all kind of stuff that they sell there. It's so fun to shop for food stuff coz later you can make delicious meals from them!:) I'd love to have friends over, drink smoothies and eat pear muffins i made. Or in the winter morning i'll ask my friends over for lunch..i'll make pancakes and hot peppermint tea.. pancakes with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry jam. It's your pick. haha. I sound silly i know. But just thinking about it makes me happy! It's something i've learnt from my mom. She's amazing in the kitchen though she doesn't know that. I love that she bakes so much, i love her homemade bread with all kind of seeds, i love that in the summer we have so many berries, apples, pears and vegetables in our garden and we use them all..we make jam, juices, and eat them any possible way!:) Home is where your heart is. The building means less than anything else. Family matters. Pets matter. Friends matter. Your ability to feel artistic and free in your home matter. To experience.

Anyway, i'll put some photos here that are my little inspirations or that have borned from my insiration.

Some little from my garden

Decorated my shirt with textile colors

Made 5 boxes of raspberry jam

I have two things on my mind right now that i really want to do. Both of them have something to do with writing. One more than another.
But as i said, action is what makes us closer to our dreams!:)
Oh, My London book also made me want to do some jewellery art. I think i'll make some earrings in a near future. Just for fun!=)

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