Sunday, July 25, 2010

husband and wife!

Did that all really happen yesterday? Time flies.
Let me start from yesterday then...
...We had to start driving to Merikan&Janar's wedding at 8am. At least that was our plan, but we set off 8:30am instead. No big deal, right?! Coz we were about to have a quite long time then we decided not to put our beautiful new dresses and shoes on.. So we were wearing casual clothes and felt really comfy. When we set off then it was only 17 C degrees..Can you believe it? It hadnt been that cold for so long time. But as we drove and drove, the sun came out and in our first stop, in Tartu, was SO hot! We stopped in Tartu coz dad needed to go to the bank, we were hungry and we needed to change our clothes. All went very fine, only we decided not to change clothes there.. And so we went back to the car, mom wanted me to pay some bills in the Internet bank..that's why i had taken my laptop with me!
Okay, it was time to keep driving and we needed to so a "forest stop" to change our clothes. Lol. We were driving, eyes open for a nice place to stop the car and change the clothes. Mom joked: "If we dont find the place we'll wear our casual clothes in the wedding.LOL.." And we all laughed. Of course she was kidding. Finally we stopped, mom said: "We are in a hurry, so let's do really quick." I said: "Yup, let's see who can change their clothes the quickest..". I quickly opened my bag and started putting my dress on. And then mom became pale and said to dad:"But you know what?! I forgot OUR clothes home! I put them downstairs ready, i took the shoes, but didnt take the dress and your clothes." OOPS! All in panic! What to do? Me and Anni had our dresses and heels. But mom and dad had NOTHING. They were both wearing jeans..they can't go to their first daughter's wedding wearing jeans :| Dad had bought mom super beautiful and expensive dress for the wedding and now it was at home. It made us all laugh at that time. How silly is to leave clothes home. And all way we were joking about clothes and stuff.
Hm, but what to do? We had 1 hr till the wedding. And we had at least 30 more minutes to drive to the wedding place. Plus we had never been there so we werent sure where exactly it was.. So we had to have more time to look for the place.. I told: "Let's go back to Tartu and quickly buy you new clothes." Dad turn the car around and started driving.. after 20 meters mom said:"We have too little time, turn around again. Who are we kidding?! If we go to Tartu we wont make it to the wedding in a time.".. So, dad turned around once again and speed up quickly and drove to Põlva.. We all kept laughing coz it was something we never excepted to happy. Mom said that these things happen only in the movies. Lol.
We drove and drove, but the turn didnt come. Then i said half joking: "Maybe we are now driving in a wrong road..". Mom freaked out, crabbed the map and started reading it.. Dad kept driving..Came out we really should have turned we just drove a round a bit..but still there was a turn to Põlva too. As Põlva is such a little place we had NO idea if we can find clothes to mom and dad. What if they dont have a clothes shop?! When we arrived to Põlva, we ask introductions from locals to find the wedding house. We parked the car and ran to the little corner shop that we passed by. There were clothes.. It was this little Polish or Lithuanian clothes shop.. all clothes were so old fashioned.. But we had no other choice. We ran in, asked if they had a man's shirt.. They had one(!) and we had to hope it was fit for my dad! Mom crabbed the first dress that looked nice and she also had to hope it as a fit. They both were!!!!! The dress looked actually soo beautiful. Clothes went to cost SO little. It was like a totally make-over. The shop worker was so excited and very helpful too! We of course told her about the situation we had. LOL :)
Back in the parking lot, there were other guest too and we had about 15 minutes before the wedding. It was absolutely HOT! Impossibly freaking hot!
The wedding was beautiful. My younger sis and i were discussing about the ceremony..and she said she's sure she would cry. I said i was sure i wouldnt cry. But as the wedding marsh started and we both saw our older sis walking down the aisle we both were in tears! So beautiful, our big sister is getting married. It was really amazing! She looked the prettiest bride in the whole world. She smiled, hold her tears back while her husband cried. Granny cried like crazy, and as i said my younger sis Anni too. I had tears, but i dried them, and next tears i tried not to let out. But Anni just cried and cried. Even after the ceremony when we hugged the newlyweds.
The photographer took lots of pictures, inside and out. Then all the cars drove near one lake there to take more photos. The wedding "train"[a chain of cars--looks like a train] drove around South Estonia, to different places where newlywed had to do some things.. It was an old Estonian wedding with all the games and traditions.
After all that we had the wedding dinner and party at one special place. It was really cool there.
Omg, we had SO much food. TOO much i must say. There was more than half left over.. So today morning everyone got food home with them, lots of food. Oh, the wedding cake was the bestest i had ever got! Very delicious.
Actually everything was so wonderful and beautiful! Very special day!:)
Im so happy for my sister and her husband!=)

Pictures come later!

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