Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer list.

Summer is TOTALLY here and i have so many things i want to do, have, be this summer.
So, i made a list[i love all kind of lists, btw!]

read outside as much as possible
sleep in a tent
go on ride bikes
get sun-tanned
eat good and fresh healthy food
swim a lot
spend time at the beach!!
play with Bonnie
go to forest to pick wild strawberries
take lots of photos
eat a lot of berries&apples&pears
go camping
have breakfast in the garden
more blog posts
arrange my photo album
make peace + brown sugar muffins

lots of smoothies
new bikinis
a picnic
long sleepless nights
good time with my friends&family
Miley's new album on repeat!
a chance to pick huckleberries
colored toe nails
time to write to my diary more often
more talks with Elisa

as blessed as ever before
full of delicious summer food

Happy summer!

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