Sunday, July 4, 2010


Okay, a little bit of my doings.
Yesterday was super super great! It was so hot and so i went to Pärnu beach with my parents&sis. The sea water was sooo warm and the waves were awesome! Since my sis can swim now and isnt that scared of water anymore, we spent hours in the sea! Lovedd it<3
We left from the beach abt 6pm[which means we were there abt 6 hrs!=D]..We went to have a dinner and then car ride to home[it's 1,5 hrs]. Anyway, on my way home, i texted to Elisa. I was bored, and i talked to her till i arrived home(: We decided to talk on skype today. It's been quite long till i last talked to her on skype:P
I went to Tallinn with my parents and sis today coz it was soo hot outside and i didnt feel like sunbathing in the garden. So, i went food shopping with them. Mom's children camp will start tomorrow, so she had a lot of things she needed to buy. Oh, and dad bought me the yummiest cookies ever! Loveee them<3
We also took dad to the harbor coz he went back to Finland. He's two weeks holiday is over.

Now im back at home. Im going to have lunch, and then i'll go to the garden, sunbath a bit and just be in the pool.
And im waiting for Elise's call coz we'll go out! yay! I'm sooo happy to see her! She's been back in Estonia for few days already and i havent had chance to see her yet. Today i'll change. Missed her so much!
And after that i'll talk to Elisa on the skype. Perfect evening!=)

PS! On our way to Pärnu yesterday, there was a car accident in front of us in a highway. So scary!

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