Thursday, July 8, 2010

ordinary girl.

Hey hey! Im here for a short time because im feeling good right now and i really want it to stay like that!
Today morning started quite badly coz i had random nose bleed again :/ And i had to hurry up to get ready.. So it sucked. But over the top of it all, at the camp i had another nose bleed :/ So, i've decided to go to the doctor as soon as her holiday ends. I need to get burned something in my nose[donno wt exactly..but they burn sth in the nose to stop nose bleeding..].
But other than that today was really fun! The camp was cool. It was kinda like the last day..Well, tomorrow we will go to Tallinn and visit some muesums and have a picnic. So it's like a bit different from all the other camp days. But always my favorite. Cannot wait!=)
When i came home today i helped mom out in the garden a bit, then i made a yummie red beans salad with tuna wish and onions. I love it! Mom also made another salad and we boiled potatoes. The dinner was delicious :)
After the dinner i watched Make It Or Break It[season 2 ep 2]. It was so cool! Im really looking forward to see the next episode;)
Oh, i fond out that two episodes of Hannah Montana Forever[season 4] got leaked on the net. And i just couldnt keep myself away of it. Which means i watched these two episodes. And guess what? I lovedddd these![surprise, surprise, huh?! Don't think so!].
Anyway, i've spent quite much time on the net today, so i think i'll turn my laptop off now and read a book or something. I think i'll get an headache if i stay here..

"Anything can happen in the world to an ordinary girl."

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