Friday, March 23, 2012


When I went to the food shop today I saw Pastella raviolis. There were 4 different kinds, but I bought with cheese filling. I have never eaten raviolis before. In my favorite Italian foodplace they only have raviolis with meat, but I don't eat meat so I have never ordered it. My mom told me few weeks ago that she bought raviolis and they were really good. So, I had a plan to do the same. And now here in Finland I did. I just finished eating them. I thought that this pack of 250g of raviolis arent much for two. But I made them and I ate, and wow, I couldnt eat them much because I just got so full! So, Jay will have a plate of raviolis too. I didn't make a pasta sauce or a fresh salad, but raviolis would taste even better with a good pasta sause and fresh salad.
If I go to Estonia I will try to find if we have there Pastella raviolis too. I googled, and that gave me nothing. But here in Finland they are sold. There was another pack of raviolis with a very good filling that cought my eye (besides the cheese one). It was with spinach filling. But this time I decided to try to cheese one.
I looked from the net that in Estonia we do have one local company that is producting raviolis with 4 different fillings. Sadly 3 of them are different meats, one is with cheese. I wish they made some with vegetables too! I would buy it! :)
I think raviolis are an easy way to make dinner. You just boil them and the dinner is ready! Plus after eating a plate of raviolis you are feeling full :)

Raviolis with spinach filling

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