Thursday, September 2, 2010

proud European learns life of an American

Why is it always that we want something we dont have? And if we finally get it, we have new needs. Seems like needs are never ending. But i guess it's how life works, and that's our dreams work. If we didn't have our dreams what would be life for? A family? A good job? A good health? But arent they all part of our dream?! So, still we dream and dream, and that's part of our life.
Every day i want something. There are always bigger and wider things i want..for example happiness for my family, good grades in university and so on.
Besides all these big and important things there are small ones, too. These are the ones that make me crazy. Let's take clothes for example. One day i think, i need this and that. And when i go and buy them, then next day i think, now i need this and that. Seems like i always need something. It's driving me crazy! But that's who i am. A human who always wants something she doesnt have yet.
So, what do i currently crave for?
Let's take a look:

I know, i dont really NEED them, but would love to HAVE them! So stylish and gosh i love these pieces. Everything except AllStar converse are from Forever21. I love that shop! And i guess the fact that i can't shop there(coz it's not in the country where i live in) make me love it even more.
I used to like H&M, i still kinda do. But the fact that everybody buy their clothes there has made me stay away from it a bit. Maybe that's why i love Forever21 so much. But i guess if i lived in USA i wouldnt like it THAT much as i do right now living in Europe.
Talking about Europe and USA. Me as an European have always dreamed of going to USA. I would love to see an ordinary life of an American. I know a lot is different there. And yet, so much is similar. Traditions are different. People too, i guess. Shops for sure! Food!Oh yeah! Climate;)
So, what's similar? I dont know yet because i havent been there. But i know if i would go there and live there for a longer period i would get used to everything they have there and it wouldnt be that exciting anymore. But isn't that part of the life too? Everything new is exciting until it gets old..and then we loose our interest and take it for granted.
Look aroud yourself?! You definitely live in a beautiful place, you have a cozy home, you have amazing friends and family.. But somehow we still often take it all for granted. :| We shouldnt. I dont. Hope you dont either! :)

So, again talking about America. I've been having fun fun conversations via skype with my uncle Scott from Florida. He's told me a lot of new things about Americans. And it's so interesting. A regular breakfast for example. A peanut butter toast with a jelly. Something i've never eaten, but most of Americans do.
Would be fun to try it out one day :):) Cant wait!

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