Friday, February 1, 2013

goodies from USA

Jay's dad went to USA in December for a month. His wife's realtive had a graduation there. Anyway, me and Jay gave him money so he woulc buy us some things we wanted from USA. He ended up not buying the tings we asked for, but we still got some nice things. I got Victoria Secret's yoga pants, two basic tops (black and white), T-shirt from Ecko Red (I love that shirt!). He also got me a really cute mug from Florida, it has my name on it :) And also two fridge magnets. One thing he did got me that I asked was Hershey chocolate. My favorite flavor - white chocolate with cookie crisps. I got three of them, all king size. 
Jay got two pair of jeans and three T-shirts from his favorite brand (Ecko Unltd). I hope Jay and I can go to USA one day too, then we can shop and buy all the things we want :) It's very hard to ask other people to buy us something...they might not have the same they aren't really focusing on buying stuff for other people when they are enjoying their trip. 

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