Friday, May 11, 2012

one more day of uni

It's Friday night and tomorrow will be the last day of university for this school year! I cannot believe it! So great!
I am at my granny's for some stupid reasons, but it's okay. I try not to think of it and stay positive! I will go to Kohila tomorrow after classes. I am taking Chuck with me!
It's Mother's Day on Sunday, so I bet it'll be a very nice day!
Did I mentioned that it was so warm yesterday - 22 C degrees! I walked to the Solaris center, had a dinner there (alone:/ ) and then I walked back home eating ice-cream. It was nice, but I felt a bit alone. I really cannot wait till Tuesday! Jay is coming home! It'll be my happy day! Gosh, how much I love him. He's the sweetest guy ever. And i wonder every day how I was so lucky to get him all by myself! I feel so so so lucky! He's the best!

Oeh, I ate too much chocolate and now my stomach feels so weird. I better go and eat an orange! :)

I am waiting for Jay to come to skype! I need to see him every day coz he makes my day shine! (it's night tho).



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