Thursday, May 3, 2012

12 days

Jay went back to Finland today and he's coming home in 12 days. I am waiting and missing him! :(

I try to keep myself busy, but it's pretty hard since most of my school work are done. Next week will be the very last week of university classes for this semester. So, after next week, goodbye university, and hello mega long summer holiday! :) I am so looking forward to it. Why? Because I can spend time with Jay. If he's in Finland I'll be there too, if he has break from work, we'll be in Estonia. So nice! I can't wait!
On 19th May will be May Running Day! Jay comes home on 15th May, but leaves already 18th. So, he won't be able to run next to me this year. But it's okay. My family will be there. And after the May Running Day I'll go to Finland and so we'll be there till the end of the month! Then back to Estonia for few days and then back to Finland. And so on! I can't wait till Jay has a summer holiday. He needs to have a longer break from work. I want my sweetheart to rest and relax and enjoy the summer and the hot weather ( I hope it'll be hot!!!!) :)
But yeah, right now I am counting the days...12 days to go.
Our cat Chuck had a surgery yesterday and next Saturday I am taking him to my parents' place. He'll spend the summer there.


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