Tuesday, May 1, 2012

20 cheese burgers

How wonderful it is to spend time with my fiance. We have had so funny and nice days so far! We have been to the beach, had long walks, did some shopping, had dinners and lunches out. And today morning we went to the McDonalds coz Jay wanted to buy 20 cheese burgers. He's crazy! Now we are at home and he's eaten less that 10 burgers and he's full already! I told him to eat others later coz burgers will last very long, they wont get rotten or anything. He could eat them a year later and there wouldnt be a difference.
Anyway, I got some blueberries, and yesterday I ate strawberries. Gosh, I love them! And I made pancakes today morning! Yumyumyum!:)
It's 11:11. Make a wish!


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