Sunday, April 29, 2012

what is love?

It's Sunday morning. Gosh, how long I have been waiting for that day to come! I woke up 7am already..anxious and excited that it's Sunday! Yeah, but I still tried to keep sleeping. I told myself that the longer I sleep the less I must wait for clock to turn 11:30am. It's the time I am planning to start walking toward the harbor. I am going to walk for an hour because Jay's ship arrives at 12:30pm. Sooo, I must walk veryyy slowly!!! But I just can't sit at home and wait...I need to do something. And I miss him soooo much and seriously, I am soo hyper right now if I think that in 1,5 hours we will be together!
Oh, perfect! I am wating Glee (more like listening) and there came me and Jay's song, "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. Beautiful!

So, what is love? It's thinking of someone constantly, even when you are asleep. It's having a smile on your face whenever you hear his name. It's the forever lasting butterflies on your stomach when you are with him or thinking of him! It's the knowing that whenever you have a fight you always end up kissing. It's something that you never thought could happen to you. It's what all romantic novels write about and much more! It's true and pure happiness! It's life!

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