Saturday, April 7, 2012

22nd year!

I cannot believe. I am 22 y.o now. But it is just a number. Don't know how much it changes my everyday life.
My birthday was very very awesome! First of all, my finace is with golden heart! He's so special. He went to the shop at night before my birthday to make me surprise. He didn't want me to see him buying a cake and candy box. It was a total surprise in the morning! He sang and I got to eat blueberry pie :) Nice! He gave me a hangbag for my birthday and the eyes laser operation.
In university my sweet sweet friends wished me happy birthday and gave me a very great gift. It came out of blue - such a surprise! I got 6 wine glasses, chocolate and flowers! :) They are just so sweet! After the class we ate a cake I made and took photos:)
After that Jay and I went home (coz the gift was so big and the flowers needed water). Then we went to meet Anni and her friends on McDonalds. I gave Anni her birthday present and she gave me a birthday present too (we hear the same birthday, tho she's 4 years older - she turned 18!). Jay and I went to have a dinner and then we went to the movies. We watched Hunger Games. It was such a good movie! I really liked it :) After the movies we came home, it was 9.30pm already. I made myself a fruit salad (banana, strawberries and kiwi!). Later at night we went to Kohila with my mom and dad. And next morning we all started cooking. We had a birthday party with family and relatives. It was very nice I got mostly money for my birthday! Oh, mom and dad gave me Michael Buble concert ticket and also a toaster :D So great!
From my besty Elisa I got a super cute PJ for my birthday! I really love it! So, all the gifts I got are very practical and I love it! Thanks!
So, it's 7th April now and Jay and I came to Tallinn today. We decided to stay at home the whole day today! It's not a very nice spring weather outside - it is snowing!
I will post some photos later when I get them from my friend and my sis.

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