Wednesday, April 18, 2012

recent update

When Jay came home, everything was so great! Even when I had to be in university, I knew he's at home and that I could see him soon. We really had a nice quality time together. Weather was nice too, so it gave us both good energy!
On Saturday after my uni, we had a big shopping evening. It was fun! :) We got bunch of things that we nheeded for home and for ourselves.
On Sunday we went for a long walk. It was so nice. The weather was warm and it was sunny. We walked at Old Town, looked around here and there. Then we had lunch at Lido and walked back home. We had so much fun while walking back. I have such a jokey and funny fiancee :D I love him!
That night we got a call from Jay's brother who said he was at amusement park. We decided to go too. The first ride we took was pretty scary, but there were two that were even more scarier. But we didn't risk on going for a ride with these. Maybe next time. Anyway, Jay won me a big flower and a teddy-bear. It was so much fun! I hope we'll go there soon again! Maybe next time Jay comes home?!
On Monday we spent the whole day inside. The weather had changed and it was raining. We cooked a dinner together and watched the movie "The Vow". It was a really nice evening!
And on Tuesday I went to uni and then I came home and after few hours Jay had to leave back to Finland.
It is always so hard to say goodbye and realize that I am all alone again. I am counting days till my Prince is coming back. It is so hard to be away from him. But I know he's always coming back. And we talk on skype every day, so that keeps me going. I cannot wait to be with Jay again! He makes all my days so amazing! He is the BEST!
My One and Only!

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