Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's such a beautiful day today! Sun is shining and it's so warm outside. I went rollerskating and it was fun, but I still don't like rollerskating alone so much. i really hope Jay will buy himself rollerskates too, then we can go rollerskating together :)
When I was outside I thought of two things I would like to do: go to a zoo and go for a walk to the Old Town and buy some toasted sweet almonds. I hope that when Jay is coming home weather will be just as great and we can spend some time outside enjoying the weather and each other :)
I miss him a lot. I know there's only one week left till he comes home, but it is still so hard! I hate that we have to be away from each other so much. Jay said we must find me something to do while he's a way coz I become so sad and I miss him a lot. But no matter what I would do, he's still in my mind every second every day. And I miss him a lot! Nothing can change that! I want him here!!!! But I know that if he comes home I'll be sooo happy and we'll have so great time together! I cannot wait! :)


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