Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have been really productive today. First of all, I washed my bedroom windows and then I went to the library and then rollerskating! It was fun, but I wish Jay was with me. It would have been way cooler then. When i rollerskate alone I think, but if Jay was with me I could TALK! I love talking.
Anyway, just when I started rollerskating Jay called me. He wanted to chat on skype, but I wasnt at home. I felt so bad. I actually waited from him on skype the whole morning. I hope we can chat later tonight. i really miss him and I want to see him!!!
The weather is absolutely great here. Snow has melted and it's so dry and it's getting warmer day by day! I was wearing my converse today and a jacket. It felt so good :D
Oh how I am waiting for Friday! I have to go to university on Friday and Saturday though, but at least I know Jay is at home waiting for me! :)
I am going to watch my fav tv shows and hopefully I manage to read a bit later.

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