Saturday, April 21, 2012

saturday morning

Morning folks! I woke up 10.15am and I was so scared. I saw a nightmare. I was breathing so hard and tears were falling from my eyes. I wish Jay was here! Oh, but it was only a nightmare!
I just read some news and there was something about gossiping at work..and on that news was written a sentence "who wants chocolate, guys?". I said: I DO! And so I am eating chocolate now.
Well, I took a shower and I am waiting for my hair to get dry coz I want to go to the library to bring back huge pile of books that I borrowed on Thursday. As you can imagine I am a were quick reader. LOL :D haha.
My sis is coming over tonight and we are going to see Michael Buble concert ;) Cannot wait!
The weather is so stupid over here. It started raining yesterday and I think it was raining whole night. I want sun!!!! I hope when Jay comes home next Sunday the weather will be really beautiful again!

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