Sunday, April 22, 2012

Michael Buble concert

Wow! So, yesterday was the concert, and it was AMAZING! I just can't believe my luck!
First of all, my sis and I went to our seats. We were sitting quite back and at the higest floor. And suddenly one guy came to us and asked if we were together, just the two of us. I said yes. And he asked us to go with him.. he lead a way down the stairs and told that he hopes we don't mind sitting a bit closer to Michael. We said: of course not! So, when we got to the bottom floor, the lights had gone off and the warm-up band was about to come to the stage. He lead us closer and closer to the stage. I thinking: how close he's taking us?!:O And then he showed us our seats. It was soooo close to the stage. I think it was the 5th row. It was really close! And he gave us the new tickets too. These were with invatation. The guy was an angel. He was from Michael crew, he was american :) And super sweet! We were so lucky that we got new and way better and more expensive seats! Then started the warm-up band Naturally 7. They sing a capella and they were soo good. After their performace a old man next to me asked if i enjoyed the show and if i had heard about Naturally 7 before. I told him that I listened to their music on youtube before the show. He said he's the father of the two youngest band member!!!
He later talked to me more when Michael was peforming already!
When Michael came to the stage, I was in heaven! He started singing and after that he talked...a LOT! He made like million jokes. He has such a good humor! Seriously, he just kept talking and talking, and we kept laughing and laughing! And of course, he's so cute! And what an amazing singing coice he has! Wow!
He joked about us being nuns coz everybody were sitting and not standing and dancing. So, some ppl started dancing and eventually I told Anni too that let's go dancing! So we did! And then I saw Michael was coming off the stage. I crabbed Anni's hand and made us way to the way were Michael was walking. And we got next to him and we got to touch him!!!Not just once, but many times! And he seemed so short!
Then there were huge white balls on the air and ppl pushed them and they were flying around the whole place. I got to push the ball too :)
The show was so incrideable because Michael was so down to earth. He really connected to his audience and he didn't mind if one woman went to the stage to hug him, and he took someone video cam and filmed himself and other band members and so on.. He did many things that made us feel even more closer to him!
He also said that some artists in USA has been telling him for years to go to Estonia coz it's such a beautiful place and there are the prettiest woman on Earth! He said we are so hot and also tall - the perfection (this is what he said!).
Of course he sang a lot. Really a lot. So many songs and the whole concert was so complete! Amazing! In the end he sang without a microphone, asking us to be really quiet. His voice is so powerful!
It was a really great night! It would have been even more better if Jay was there. That's why I want to go to another concert with him. Hopefully Lady Gaga! :D

Waiting for Michael Buble!

And here he is!!!!!

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