Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It was such a sunny day today!
The morning was nice coz Jay called me and asked me to go to skype. It was 9.30am. He was up all night and wanted to talk to me before he finally went to bed. So, it was so good to see him! :) I really hope we can talk today too before he goes to work.
I went for a walk today coz it was so nice weather. It was so warm, to be correct! I went to the library and then got the photos from a photoshop. I also spent some time at the bookstore. It was nice, but I seriously can't wait for Jay to come home coz I want to spend time with HIM! I'm literally counting the hours!
Oh, I really want to just be with Jay and laugh, talk, smile, and do fun things with him! Cuddle with him! Ohhh...

I am craving for something fresh and good...


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