Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's been so beautiful and sunny weather these last few days in Hyvinkää. Of course I have been out as much as possible. I have gone rollerskating, running with dad and Jay, walking around, and reading a book outside. I just wanted to get some tan and get the energy from the sun. But I guess I didn't think straight. I didn't think of protection. And at first I was so happy that I got some tan, but then today I read a book in sun about an hour and when I went inside I realized my chest was iching. And it was really red and now it looks so bad. And it BURNS! Then Jay and I went to the shop and bought sun protection lotion and also a calming gel for sunburn skin. I also read from the Internet that I should take some cold showers and should drink a lot of cool water and also should but some cool thing on my chest. I realllllly hope I won't get any blisters and that my skin won't unpeel. It wouldn't look great. But to be honest, it doesn't look great right now either. My chest is red as a lobster :/
Well, at least I learned from it and I will never ever go to get some tan when I don't have protection on. And I must learn to understand when enough is enough. But actually I wasn't on the sun so much at all. All together about 3 hours plus the time I went rollerskating, but I don't think I got so much sun at that time. Anyway, all I know is that sun is very good and I love it, but it can also be dangerous!
Next time I'm smarter!

Oh, but other than the sunburn everything has been so great! Like I said the weather is so warm and nice, I have been enjoying reading my room outside, going rollerskating, having nice walks with Jay, going running with dad and Jay, and so on. It's great here! Jay has the weekend off so it'll be extra fun! We have some plans, but we'll see how it'll all will work out :)

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