Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn to-do list 2012

Every season I have made a to-do list or such. I know it's already the end of October and autumn is all around us, but it's not like it's going to end already... So, I decided to go ahead and write my this year's list for autumn :)

I want to do:

  • drink hot chai latte
  • succeed as a teacher (have an intrernship coming!)
  • burn a lot of scented candles
  • cook a lot!
  • bake a blueberry-banana cake
  • enjoy dark days as much as possible
  • have a bowl of Ben&Jerry's New York Chunky flavor!!!
  • spend awesome time with Jay
  • go to movies to see the last 2nd part of "Breaking Dawn"
  • read Cecelia Ahern's new book
  • do all the Christmas shopping (so I wouldn't have to deal with it in December!)
  • celebrate 13th of November with Jay
  • go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner!
  • be well and healthy! (not getting cold anymore!!!)
  • have a shoulder haircut?! (still deciding to do or not to do that)
  • drink fresh smoothies for breakfast
  • have fun and my dad's 50th birthday!
  • clean windows :/ (it needs to be done before winter!)
That's it for now. Autumn will be here for 2 more months, winter will starts 21st December :) So, I should manage to do and cross out what I want to do this autumn!

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