Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exam resultssss!!!!!!

Okay!I KNEW this day will come, but i tried not to think of it.And not to worry..Well, yesterday i was in Tallinn with my dad..i was in the car when i got a text msg. I don't know but i had this feeling inside that THIS msg is from the Exam Center. I was afraid to open it, but i finally did. I got my English exam 78 points. I wasn't very happy, but not sad either. It was a hard exam so my result is pretty okay, but i wished i could get at least 80 points. But whatever. And guess what? Just 5 min ago (10:30 am) i got a text msg.Again from the Exam Center. I got society exam 89 points. Now im happy:) This exam was quite hard too and to be honest i even didn't hope to get that much!So, im happy! Now i must wait 2 more exam results- math and estonian. I had no idea when i will get these...

But i am gonna change to subject because i really don't wanna think of the exams.I was thinking of them so much last night(not that i wanted..i just found myself all the time thinking about the exams again..:S) Oh, last night was weird. I cried myself to sleep. And i woke up am because dad came to my room and told i was sneezing a lot. Okay, i even didn't know that because i was sleeping..He checked the Air cleaner machine. I am allergic to dust. So, sometimes i start sneezing and i will have a runny nose. I hate that! But after he has waken me up and noticed too that i am sneezing and i have runny nose. And after that i couldn't fall asleep..But enventually i fell asleep and woke up 8:30 am because mom came to my room..i even don't remember what she was doing there.LOL I have no idea why everybody comes to my room all the time..mostly when i'm sleeping. And to be honest it's weird enough that my dad came to my room to check Air cleaner machine..there's only on explanation: he couldn't sleep because of my sneezing.It probably annoyed him!haha Poor dad!

Okay, but i forgot to say why i was in Tallinn yesterday. Well, my dad needed to go to some place to get one card and i don't know what. And i thought to go with him because i needed to go to the shops. I got a new dress for my graduation and i thought o buy new pra too.I needed with a see-through shoulder straps and geez i thought i will NEVER find one that's right for me. They didn't have many see-through ones, but they had the ones where u can change shoulder straps, so these were fine too..BUT it was hard to find the one that suits me and is normal. I got such a huge headache..Finally i found one.But i already decided i won't use it when it's my graduation.It's so unconfortable. Haha.Yeah i know, i shouldn't buy it at all.Well, i can't brought it back:P

So, yesterday i had very colorful day!
Tomorrow will be AWESOME day!I hope :)

I probs won't have time to write i will write now what i'm gonna do tomorrow.I hope there won't be any plan changes. Anyway, i must be at school by 11 am. There will be flag team meeting..:S Then me and my friend Elise will catch a train at 12:43 am. We will go to Tallinn. I already bought a movie tickets to Hannah Montana Movie. So, we will go to watch it. And after the cinema we will go shopping. We need to buy two gifts for our friends' birthdays. We will come back by train which leaves from Tallinn 5:25 pm. We arrive home 6:13 pm which means Laura's birthday party has started already. But we will be only about 15 minutes late. That's okay. haha. Great plan, right?!Busy but cool day!:) And on Saturday we are both invited to Sigrid's(our friend's) birthday party.It'll start 7 pm. These two days are gonna be really fun!:)

Oh, my granny just called and asked about my English exam results. She is English teacher so no wonder she wanted to know. But it sucks i didn't get that much as i wanted. I feel like i disappointed her. Although i know she is not that kind of person who would be mad or sad because of it. And they haven't ever given me pressure, but maybe i have pressured myself. My friend always says i don't give much credit for myself.It's probably true. But now the exams are over and i can't change anything. I better live with that!haha :)

"You can get anything, but not everything"

"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live."

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