Sunday, June 14, 2009


Miley made my day!!!!
I was on myspace and i saw Miley was online. I commented her pictures and just looked around. And i wrote her in IM. I love that thingy on myspace!It makes able to talk to the friends who are online at the same time. I wrote her quite long message. And as i saw she didn't answer (i didn't actually really hope either.I just wanted to write her and show my love). Anyway, then i was just looking around and suddenly there was a new online message sound. GOSH!It was from Miley :D I will write here what she wrote: "Thank you soooo much =] =]"
Isn't she the BEST ever! I really didn't think she is gonna answer. Oh, and you may wonder why she thanked me. Well, i just told her how much i love her music!And i asked her to come and give a concert in Estonia.And then i told that i went to the cinema on Friday to watch HM movie and that i absolutely loved it! And so on..
It was so sweet of her to write me back!

By the way, when it was about two months ago online chat with Miley then all her fans were able to send her questions. It was the reason why i made a twitter account. Anyway, i sent questions too. But i saw hundreds and maybe even thousands of questions were sent for her. But she wasn't able to answer to all of them. Anyway, when the live web cam chat started i was so so excited!It was very awesome to see her live. She was so pretty. Well, but then the website froze and i started to panic. But then i refreshed the page and it started working again. I saw her again! And guess what?!!!!??? Just when the video started working again she said: Next question is from SandyLovesMiley..thank you, Sandy! ...Where would you like to travel? And where would you love to travel?..hmm like and love...."
And then she answered. Well, first- I am SandyLovesMiley :D:D So, it means she answered my question. And it really was my question:) Only, someone who picked the questions out had written these to the paper and she probably didn't understand the handwriting very well. Actually i just ask her that: Where would you like to where you have never been to?
Well, i was super happy when she answered my question..and mostly when she said Thank you,Sandy! :)

And today Miley totally made my day again! I am so happy! Thanks, Milez=) You showed today again that miracles DO happen! i love you <333

Oh, and i LOVE Miley and Nick's song "Before The Storm". It's so so beautiful<3

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