Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another miracle!!!

Oh my gosh!I am sooo happy right now!I love my angels!
Well, i will started at the beginning. I was on myspace writing a comment to my best friend Clara(she passed away 3 years ago). I keep writing her because i want her to know she is always my best friend and she meant so much to me! Anyway, i was writing her and i told her that i have got all the exam results but one- estonian. And i told her that i probably won't get the golden medal because my exams haven't gone so well. Oh, and then i got a text message. Everything inside of me jumped.I was literally shaking. I just felt that this txt msg is from Exam Center. I took my phone and went to look out of my window. I looked to the sky and told out loud: oh, the time is here!i need a miracle!. I knew my angels would hear me. So, then i took a deep breath and i opened the text message. I was right- it was from the exam center. I got my estonian exam result -96 points!yay! I was so happy. I still am! I was shaking and i couldn't believe its true! It really was a miracle! You don't know how hard is to get such a good result in estonian essay! But i got it and i'm very very happy!:) And i'm so thankful for my little angles who are always looking after me! They knew how much it meant to me! Clara always promised to be with me even when she is gone..and i know she is keeping her promise! And i know my little pets who have passed away are always with me too!
My teacher called me a little later after i had got the exam result. She asked me to say my all exams result. She has to calculate the average of the exams results. If it's 80 then i will get a golden medal. But i already calculated the average and it's 79,8. I have no idea if they will round up or not. Now i am asking another miracle. I know i have asked them so much and sometimes i feel i don't desevre it all. But i really wish that they will round up. I know my parents, especially my mom, would be so proud if i graduated with straight A's and also got a golden medal. So, i'll just hope for another mircale! Thank you, my angels!

Well, i am still very happy for the good estonian exam result. Even if my average isn't that good, i'm so proud of myself i got 96 points. I didn't think i will get so high result.But i did! I think i owe a big thank to my estonian teacher. She was quite rigid and that made me always want to do better! And she always encouraged me to write. She told it's good that i read a lot because then i can use this knowledge in my essays. Sometimes when i wasn't that secure about my essay, she told it's very good. That made me realize that if she believes in my writing skills then i have to do that too. I have tried to write about things i care of. I try to write honestly. All that helped me to write a good essay as a estonian final exam. I am very happy :)

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