Tuesday, June 16, 2009

friends,hair&magazines!:)good combo!

It's 11:40 am here. Still morning! I haven't done much yet.I did some workout and then i came to the net. On msn one girl started talking to me. I totally forgot who she was.lol But now i know!!We met on facebook and i remember when we chatted there we both realized we have so much in common! So, thats really cool! Anyway, so today we chatted a bit and traded our blogs! Another thing we have in common- we both keep blogs! NICE :) None of my other friends like blogging. haha. Well, her name is Shafiqa! I just wanted to write it down here so i wont forget.LOL Her name is quite hard to remember.
I think it's nice to have friends over the net. I am very glad she started chatting with my today on msn. I had already forgotten i had such a cute friend!! Anyway, it was a good start for a day :)

I don't have any special plans for today.I think i must help my mom in the garden because she wants it to be perfect by Saturday because its my graduation then and all the relatives will come here. And today mom will try to put some hair stuff to my hair because we need to see if this thingy is good for my hair. I have such a bad hair. I mean it's sooo straight:S And if i want curls and deffo must but some geel or something to my hair..But not everything is good..Last time i made curls after 1 hour my hair were totally straight again:S How annoying! So yeah, we will try today and see how long the curls will stay!Wish me luck!:)

I hope i have time to read Gossip Girl #8 novel today. I started reading it yesterday.It's so good!

Oh, i think i forgot to mention that i finally ordered Twist Magazine from USA.It took me forever to order it.They always told something is wrong with the credit card and hundred other things..But then few months later they now wrote me that it was their mistake and now everything is okay! First issue i will get will be August's. I am so happy! Year ago i so wished i could have Seventeen and Twist magazine. And now i have ordered them both!=]

PS! I need a miracle! I can't say what it is, but i so need it!!!

By the way, i found a quote i really like:

"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."

I should say that i am a happy person. I love my family, pets and friends. I have always something to do. And i definitely have something to hope for right now!!

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