Sunday, June 7, 2009


Geez! I still don't believe it's summer. I mean summer holiday. I don't know the exact date when summer starts...
Well, i wish the graduation was over already because maybe then finally it will hit me that high school is over :) :( I'm not even sure is it a good or bad thing. Maybe not bad, but a bit sad. If i only knew what to do next.
But it is SUMMER! So, i must enjoy it. Today is quite good weather.I did some garden works and then i watched new episode of HM. I actually promised to myself not to come to the net today. Usually i can keep promises, but i guess not today. My friend Jake has a birthday today! So, that's one reason why i had to come to the net. I wished him "happy 20th birthday!". He is coming to Estonia this summer. He's from USA, btw. I can't wait to hung out with him. It's gonna be so fun summer!
Oh, and i will work from 1st July till 5th August(but sure weekends are free). I'm gonna work in a cafe in a hospital of Viimsi. I really like this job because i have done it every summer and i have so many friends there and they are all so nice! haha

Oh, Summer! I'm hoping they will be a lot of good beach weathers! I want to swim! :)

I forgot to mention that at that time when i work in the cafe i will live at my granny's. It will be interesting tribulation as always. Don't get me wrong. I love my granny and i like to be with her. But the whole month with her can be a real hard thing. Seriously, every summer after the one month work i am soooo happy to be back at home and i don't want to see my granny at all... She likes to control my life. Not only mine, all of our lives. I know she has only a good intentions though.

But i must say im really lucky with my both grannies. My mom's mom lives here in the same city as i live and she is a English teacher. So, i see her all the time. At school i see her every day. She is my English grammar teacher. But my other granny lives in Viimsi(in North Tallinn). I don't see her every day, but still quite a lot. She comes here or we go there or we just meet i don't know where. Besides, she calles every single day..literally. Actually, usually she calles more than once in a day. One thing is sure- my both grannies are so caring!
Oh, a funny thing. The granny who lives near to my home likes to celebrate everything. I think it's so sweet. She remembers EVERYBODY's birthday, nameday, anniversary and so on.. And she always makes presents. Most of the people on Estonia even don't know when their nameday is. I know mine is on 19th April. And so i was sleeping in the morning and it was 10 am when granny called. I was so surprised. She wished me happy nameday. It was a huge surprise. I really had forgotten it's my nameday. I didn't think of the dates so much. Anyway, she told she will give me a little present at school. haha. She always gives some sweets. I have 6 letters in my name (SANDRA), so i always get 6 different sweets(chocolates, candies, bubble gums, waffels and so on..) It's so sweet of her, isn't it?! haha. You just gottttta love my granny :D
Btw, my both grannies have the same name:D hihi.

Few days ago my granny called me and asked how am i. I asked what she has done today. She said:"Oh, i have laughed a lot!Life should always be full of jokes and a good laughter."

That reminded me how much fun i always have with my granny. When im with her i always have belly laughter:) One burst of laughter comes to another..:D

my both grannies :)

Oh, guess what? My granny came here while i was writing this blog. That's why i made a pause of writing. But now she and grandpa left. And, i am back here. You can only guess once why they came here?!LOL My grandmom wanted to bring some sweets for my younger sister because school year ended. She likes to celebrate summer holiday start!:D So, she brought a lottt of chocolates, cookies and fruits. We had a cup of tea and just chatted. Grandpa took pictures. He is such a good photographer. It is really cool because we get a lot of pictures from him. I love photos and im very happy to have a grandpa who has taken a lot of photos of our lives.

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away."

"All photographs are there to remind us of what we forget."

I think photographs hold our memories. Photographs are mirrors.

This is a photo of my grandmother's family. My grandmother is the little girl on the left. In the photo are also my great grandmother and my great great grandmother.

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