Friday, June 19, 2009

Big day tomorrow!:D

WOW! Time flies! I will graduate tomorrow. Geezz!!I remember the time i went to school for a first time..It wasn't that long was, but doesn't seem so.
I am happy to graduate, but there's still something sad about it too. One part of my life will be over and i must start with a next one. I hope me and my closest friends will stay in touch and see each other all the time. I also wish the University i will pick out and the subjects i will study will be the ones i really love. Making such an important decision isn't easy. I must choose what i wanna do rest of my life.. It's hard!
But tomorrow i don't wanna think about it. I want to enjoy the day and spend a super good time with my friends! I am glad we will go to the class trip because then we will have so so much fun quality time together:):D

Gooooo class of '09 :)

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