Friday, November 30, 2012

Last day of November

It started snowing few days ago which I absolutely love. Jay bought me a winter hat today because it's very windy and well we had a little snow-storm. Winter hat is totally needed! 
Anyway, we actually wanted to go to ice-skating yesterday, but when we went out and felt the cold wind plus heavy snowing, we changed our minds. Jay said he had better plans..and he just took my hand and walked with me to the bowling :D Nice surprise! It was very fun to play bowling with him. I got strike in every game! Yay! But overall Jay won! 
I have been cooking us delicious dinners. Nothing fancy, but sometimes old and the more tried recipies are so good! 
It's Friday and Jay went back to Finland today. I walked to the harbor with him and then we waited till his boat was leaving, but surprise-surprise, the boat was late because of the storm. So, they said it'll arrive to the harbor 1 hour later. But Jay got to change his ticket and go with another boat that was coming earlier, but actually that boat was due to arrive at 4.30pm. Some people had been waiting for that boat for almost 4 hours :S Poor them! Thankfully Jay got to that boat with the massive amount of other people. He said he was fast and got to the boat very fast and even got a good seat!
Before we went to the harbor we went to the foodshop so he could buy some food to take with him and we bought some for me. He surprised me with 12 little sweets (different chocolates and candies). These are for these 12 days when he's not at home. I put them to my stocking and every morning I can take one sweet, just like my little Christmas dwarf has put it there :) Jay is so wonderful and caring fiance. And he has the biggest heart ever. I am so lucky to be in his heart! 
I cannot wait till he comes home again! I have only 2 weeks left of internship. When Jay comes home I have only 3 days of intership left and after that I am going to Finland with him! We'll come back on 23rd December and next day will be Christmas Eve. By the way, I alreay bought and gave a Christmas present for Jay. I gave him Black Ops II computer game. I actually have something else for him too, but he will get it when it's Christmas Eve!


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