Monday, November 5, 2012


My fiance is the most thoughtful and romantic guy on Earth! I came home from my internship today and he was waiting for me. There was a romantic lunch on the table with candles, wine and roses. So beautiful! It all came to as total surprise. I loved it! I just wanted to cry. It was so beautiful and I was just sooo happy that he did this all for me! We had a nice romantic lunch. And when we finished with this Jay asked me if I have more space in my stomach - for desert :) I was so surprised that he has a desert too! It was my all time fav -Ben&Jerry's New York Chunky ice-cream! I love it! There was another sweet waiting for me. He said it's in our bedroom. When I opened our bedroom door I saw a room filled with candlelight. He had lightened so many candles and had put them all over the room. It was sooo pretty! And in the table were more candles and my fav chocolate candies - Ferrero Rosher! Yum! Everything was so perfect. Beyond perfect! I have no words to describe how special this all was! I was so happy to be with Jay! And I still am. He's sleeping right now. My little baby :) Hehe! I love him with the bottom of my heart!!!!!!

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