Sunday, June 17, 2012

day of rain

It's like a curse that every time when Jay comes to Estonia the weather turns out to be so bad... Yesterday when we arrived it was sunny and nice, but a bit windy. But last night started raining...and it countined today. It havent been raining like this since I don't know when. Oh, and the wind is so strong it might as well blow all hair out of my head. Lol.
Because of the bad weather Jay and I decided to go to the foodmarket by taxi. Before going to the foodshop we went to the bookstore and Jay bought me a cookbook that I have been really wanted to have. We also ate a piece of cake at the bookstore cafe. I ate baked-apple and whortleberry tosca cake which was DELICIOUS! At the foodmarekt we bought quite a lot of food so we wouldn't have to go for food shopping in a while now. 
When we wanted to go back home with all these bags we realized neither of us took our cellphones with us. So there rose a problem - how can we call a taxi?? But Jay figured all out. He went to the info table and asked them to call us taxi. Lol. They were nice enough and we got a taxi in 7 minutes :)
At home I made a dinner (more like an early lunch) for Jay and myself. I picked the recipe from the new cookbook that Jay bought me. And I also made a rhubarb cake which came out soooooo good! Definitely one of the best cake I've ever made. I most certainly will make it soon again when there's an occasion. Right now I have quite a lot of it still waiting for eaters. It's just that Jay doesn't like cakes and such sweet things. He likes salty pies. So, it means if I make a cake I must eat it all by myself. That's why I said I will make it again when it's an occation, for example someone's birthday..then there's will be other eaters beside me too! :)
Anyway, now we are just resting, relaxing and watching tv. It's so good to be at home!!!

The delicious rhubarb cake I made :)

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