Thursday, June 7, 2012

last week

A week has passed. Crazy, interesting week. I went to camp with my university friends. The camp was wayyyy better than last time - they actually treated us like humans! That's a lot! We had quite a lot free time, the weather was good (not too hot like last year) and the food was so good! But sure if we got to choose we wouldn't be there. I missed Jay a lot! I am going to Finland day after tomorrow! I can't wait to be with Jay!

Last time we came to Estonia, we first shopped in Helsinki and I got so many new summer clothes! '
Today I went to the skin doctor to get an explaination to the red dots on my skin. He explained what they are (nothing serious) and he wrote me a cream that I must apply twice a day for about a month. He also said I can't get sun until the dots have disappeared. I really hope they'll disappeare very quickly and I can still get some tan this summer! I don't want to be as white as a swan! 

Anyway, I went to Kohila today after the doctor. I'm so glad I can spend some with with my cat Chuck. I missed him, and I also missed Bonnie. Muffin and Tikker! I love my pets! 
Even tho I like to be in Kohila, it's quite boring here...But I am going home (back to Tallinn) tomorrow.

Oh, I got a big envelope from my friend Margaret from U.S.A. She went to Jana Kramer's concert and she sent me a photo of Jana Kramer with her autograph! I was sooooo delighted :D Such a surprise! She also sent me few more photos of the concert! It's such a sweet and thoughtful touch! 

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