Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sunny, sunny, sunny

I made little ham and cheese pies for Jay the other day. He liked these and asked me to do more. He went to Finland yesterday morning and he's coming back tomorrow morning. So, today I made him more little pies :) When he comes home tomorrow I know he'll be so hungry! I also picked up some recipes from the cooking books that Jay bought me (he bought me 6 cooking books that were on sale!). It means I must cook a lot now. I am going to make chickem fajitas tomorrow for lunch and for dinner I'll make homemade fried potatoes and a big ground beef burger. Plus of course some salad (coz I don't eat meat).
I still have that rhubarb cake left because it's so big. But my sis is coming sleep over tonight, so there won't be much left after we'll have a tea and a piece of cake :)
I finished reading "The Hunger Games" today! Gosh, it was so good! I am going to start reading the second book now, called "Catching Fire". I am so excited to get to know what's going to happen next!
It is such a wonderful weather today. It's sunny and about 17 C degrees outside, maybe more. I went to the eye doctor today. She checked my vision clearity and said I see now 120%...better that they planned :D haha. Very good! When I was going to the doctor's, my shoes started to hurt my heels. So, I went to the drug store to buy band-aid. When I finally put that on my both heels and watched the time I realized I am so late to my appointment. The time was 9.47am and my appointment was 9.50am. I ran to a tram and when I got off the tram I ran so fast to the medicine center. And luckily I was late just 3 minutes. The vision check up took only 3 minutes as well... So, basically I run out of my breath only to be at the center for 3 minutes. Before I went home I went to the shop to buy ham and I also bought a watermelon. At home first thing I did I ate few slices of that delicious and juicy watermelon - it was my first this year! So good!
 I am off to my bed now to take a cozy position and read "Catching Fire"! :)

Btw, I finally had an opportunity to eat that frozen yogurt that finally came to Estonia, too! So yummie! I am definitely going to buy it more! I can't wait till they have more flavors and toppings, though!

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