Monday, July 2, 2012

and it's july already!

I am back in Finland. Actually, I was in Estonia for pretty long time. First of all, Jay and I went to Kohila and spend there really fun time. It was Jaan's Day and we had a BBQ, went to the sauna, jumped to the pool while being naked and at the end of the day watched football. It was a great day and we got to eat a lot of good food - fresh salads, different cakes, and lots of different meat (last one not for me, though). We stayed in Kohila for two more days. We went to my sister's place to see their new kitchen and livingroom. It was really pretty. We also went for a walk and visited my grandparents. Grandpa gave me one of his digicameras since I didn't have one and appearently he's hobby is photography so he has a lot of different and very good digicameras. He gave me the one that he bought few years ago and didn't use anymore. I am glad because now I can take more photos that supposedly will have a better quality than these photos that I've took with my cellphone cam. Anyway, soon after Jaan's Day Jay had to go back to Finland, but I stayed in Kohila. I was helping out at my mom's children camp - this year it was a camp for little chefs:P We were teaching them how to cook some food. It was fun, but I was also very tired after each day with 23 children. On the last day we went to Tallinn with the kids and visited marzipan cafe where we all got to make a little marzipan statue. I made a little orange cat :) They also showed us how to make marzipan at home and now I am eager to make some marzipan on my own and use it on the cakes and also make some more cute marzipan statues :) It's fun!
All these days in Kohila I didn't have a access to the Internet because our computer broke down. So that sucked! I talked to Jay on the phone every day though.
In Kohila I also had time to hung out with my friend Laura. I hadn't seen her for a while so it was so good to talk about everything that's been going on :) We were at her place, talked, made a really good fresh summer salad with tunafish and crutons. It was delicious. I hope to be able to see her soon again!
On Sunday I went to my grandpa's 70th birthday party. It was very nice!!!
The next day, on Sunday, I went to Finland. What happened was that I slept in. Jay called me in the morning at 6.30am and asked if I slept in. Yeah, I said. I was so worried and confused and so sad and more worried. He calmed me down, said to change my cothes, take a taxi and go straight to the harbor. That's what I did. So, 15 minutes after I woke up I was already at the harbor walking to the boat! Yeah, I made it on time. The only difference was that I didn't walk there, but took a taxi, and I also didn't have time to eat breakfast. But I took it with me and ate it on the boat. The whole way to Finland I read "Catching Fire" (2nd book of The Hunger Games). I also read it on a train and when I arrived at Jay's place I finished reading it. It was such a good book! Now I am reading the last book which is also very interesting!
I totally enjoy being here with Jay. We walked to the foodshop today and bought food for the whole week. Tomorrow I am going to make tunafish pasta and some white bread with herbs in the oven. On Friday we will go to the sauna and on Saturday we are going home! Jay will have 16 days break from work! Such a great summer break for him :) He needs to rest and relax!
Oh, I just have to mention how much I love this shrimp thingy they sell here at Lidl (German foodshop). These shrimps are in oily marinade with garlics, and it tastes so good if you put it on your bread! Yum! I have been looking for these at shops in Estonia, but I have never found the one they have here. Too bad!
By the way, the weather is so nice here. Today I was sitting on a armchair on the balcony reading a book and I totally enjoyed the hot sun! I wish I had a balcony on my Tallinn's apartment too, but sadly I don't. So, I enjoy the privilege here!:)

So, now some [random] photos I took today:

KitKat minis - one of my fav chocolate!

I just like this little jar with the roses! It's so pretty!

My fav shrimps in the oli and garlic! Delicious!

I just love how they look - so spicy!

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