Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have been totally enjoying every single day! Some days have been rainy, some sunny. Jay made me a really nice surprise the other day. We went to the zoo, which was great! We walked around about 5 hours, took photos of cute animals and just enjoyed the warm summer day. After the zoo we went home by bus. Jay went straight to the foodshop because we needed mozarella cheese. I went home to start making the pizza. He came home, i put the cheese on the pizza and it went to the oven. When it was ready we had a dinner, and then I felt so sick and tired and I wanted to lay down. Jay was next to me watching tv. And he asked if I wanted to go under the blanket. I said no, but soon I said that yeah, let's go under the blanket. So, when I started taking the bedcover away I saw a little giftbox next to a pillow. I was totally surprised and at first I didn't know what to say or think. But then I took it and saw there was a beautiful gold necklace with safir stone in it. So beautiful! Matches perfectly with my engagement ring! Jay said he wanted to surprise me with it! And he did! I love it! What a surprise :):)
On Friday was a rainy day, but Jay and I still went to my friend's place. We had a BBQ and a party. It was a crazy night. Next morning we went back home and were in the rest of the day. 
On Sunday we went to my parent's place. My mom had a birthday party. It was fun there. On Monday mom, dad and Anni went to Sweden, and Jay and I got the car. We took the books to Tallinn and I put them all to my new bookshelf. It looks great now! In Kohila we had a dinner at a local bar and then we spent the rest of the night at my sister's place. Next morning we went to Jay's granny's place and then we went to Pärnu. We had a lunch at Steffani's and went to the Tervise Paradiis (Water Park!). It was fun there, except the fact that Jay hit his head and it was bleeding and it was looking very bad. I was so worried. The lifeguard took care of it, cleaned it and put some band aid on it. He said it actually needs few stitches, but Jay didn't want to hear of it. It is all good now, though.
Yesterday and today Jay and I have been mostly at home. I ordered a new laptop and so yesterday we went out for an hour to get it. And I started feeling so sick. I don't know why. Probably because I had a runny nose and I got a very bad headache. So, we spent the rest of the day in. Jay ordered us pizza and so I didn't have to cook.
I felt good today, cleaned the apartment a bit, did some other stuff, went to the foodshop, made a dinner and a cake for Jay and then Jay and I had homemade mojitos :) Yum!
It's aft6er midnight and I have headache again. I am too tired! Good night!

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