Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My plans have been turned up-side-down! I have been having awful headaches and hurting in my ear and yesterday I went to an emergency room. And today I got to the ear doctor. But she said my ear was fine. But my nose was swollen inside. Probably because of my allergy. Doctor wrote me pills and I went to a x-ray. I'll see a doc on 27th again and I'll get the results. I hope it's all good. After the doc in the morning I literally ran to the harbour and went to a boat. Now I am in Finland!!! Jay came here today morning with the first boat. Too bad I gotta go back to Estonia on 26th already. I get to be here only for 3 days.

I am going to make dinner for Jay and then I'll just read a book. I am reading "The Wedding Girl" by Sophia Kinsella right now. Funny book!

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