Friday, July 6, 2012

these simple days

Now it is starting to feel like summer. I went to swimming with dad yesterday. Near here is a very cool swimming place. There are 3 big swimmingpool and a lot of green grass area where people lay down their towels, take sun, have picnicks and enjoy a warm summer day! And it costs only 3,5 euros for a day there. Jay and I decided to go there today, too (yesteday he was too tired to come with me and my dad). We had so much fun today. He even jumped to the pool from these very high platforms. I couldnt even jump from the lowest...too scary for me!
Anyway, on our way back home we decided to go to the Startti foodplace to buy a pizza. We chose our toppings and the pizza was so delicious!
I have been cooking dinners every evening. I like it!
When Jay came home from work yesterday morning he didn't feel like going to bed. So, i woke up too, we watched tv, had breakfast and went to the Lidl (German foodshop). I saw there a really nice blender with a good price. Jay didn't want to buy it coz he said it was so cheap and probably not very good. He told we'd buy a better one in Estonia. But when we were back at home I started talking about it again. I said that I really liked it and I wouldn't use it SO much that I need a very expensive one. Jay told me that if I really like that one and want it, then I can go back and buy it. That's exactly what I did. I knew there was only one left when we saw that earlier that day, so I really hoped it was still there...and it WAS! So, I bought it. When I came home, I made a banana-kiwi smoothie. It was so good! :)
It was a day before yesterday when I decided to go rollerskating and I took my camera with me. I took some photos of near by landscape, flowers and some street signs. I totally love my new camera and I took photos of everything everywhere!

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